17 November 2011

11/17 - Red Flower Dress

Referenced from an old picture of me when I was 3. Yea bowl hair cuts!!
Oil on Canvas (8in x 10in)

21 October 2011


Figure drawing is like meditating.
Here are some  quick figure sketches from my PoseManiac App

30 May 2011

30 January 2011

SotD - Jan 30

After seeing one of Nathan Fowkes's post basically saying "A few a day, every day no matter what." I was inspired to start paint a few thumbnails everyday no matter what. Let see how long this will last with my Senior Studio Project lol.

Media: Watercolor
Source: Photo in National Geographic April 2010

14 January 2011

SoTD - Jan 14

A quick doodle on my desk while painting on Friday. Was thinking about how this year is going to be the year of the Rabbit =3