14 October 2013

01 June 2013

SoTD - Mini Wedding Guest

Little girl at a wedding we went to. She was so cute I couldn't help but draw her.

31 May 2013

SoTD - Memory sketches of Guest!

I'm going to start practicing some memory sketches of people I saw during work They didn't want a sketch but I really wanted to draw them. Here's today's lucky models!

Caricatures - First Chameloen

First chameleon Yay!

29 May 2013

Safari Park Sketches

Had an awesome day sketching with some on my co-workers at the Safari park!

15 May 2013

Sketchbook making time!

I've been extremely into bookbinding lately. Just finished making my latest sketchbook, Japanese Kimono Girl theme!

If you're interested in one feel free to message me. =)