04 June 2009

Roodles Doodles

Wow, I found this while cleaning up my room lol. It's a robot doodle i did during my psychology class last summer at PCC. I always find I do my best doodling why in the middle of a lecture class. Maybe I should take more lecture classes then studio classes....nah.

Anyways this was done with one of my favorite medias in the whole, a simple, cheap ballpoint pen. I don't remember exactly what I was thinking at the time. I think I just want to practice some shading and something about a junk yard and robots lol.

Well here ya go, enjoy.

23 March 2009

Draft Layouts

Here are some draft layouts for my version of the Little Red Riding Hood story. I did for my Sophomore Animation Studio I class.

I really enjoyed making these layouts. Much thanks goes to my instructor Roland Mercado.

These are some of my better ones.I really enjoyed drawing the trees in these , and I hoping to learn more about layouts in the future.

I decided that I wanted to specialize in the Production Design aspects of animation.

03 February 2009


This is Dappa my character i made for my Animation Drawing class =3

He's a baby panda, with a birth mark on his right eye......ok he's just missing a spot but I thought it was cute. I also wanted to design a way that would allow me give his eyes emotions but keep it simple at the same time.

Oh yea, and he loves apples.

I think I'll come up witha story for him, any ideas?

29 January 2009


Well this is my first post. I'll be uploading some of my personal projects up here if I'm not too lazy haha.
This is something I doodled up in the middle of my history lecture class.
I might decorate my room wiht this type of design.